• Financial Advisor

    Posted: 05/18/2021

    Now Hiring! Financial Advisor – The Investment Team at Storen Financial is seeking a certified, financial advisor, with 3-5 years of experience working with advisory clients.  This individual would have the opportunity to work with and lead our investment team as our business and client base continues to expand.  This position would assist in the planning and direction of the company. They will be expected to bring on new clients while contributing to our investment goal of growing from $130M in managed assets to $200M in managed assets.  Having a solid knowledge of taxes and tax strategies is beneficial.  As a fiduciary, advising the client in their best interest is of  utmost importance as we strive to help our clients reach their retirement goals.
    To earn more about this position and to apply, please go to our Careers page at www.storenfinancial.com/careers
    Reach out to debbi@storenfinancial.com with any questions


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