• An Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting an Eco-Friendly Business in the Greater Brownsburg Area

    Becoming a business owner does not have to mean sacrificing your beliefs in an eco-friendly lifestyle. In fact, running a green business might just attract a specific clientele that would be out of reach otherwise. If environmentally sustainable ventures were easy to accomplish, though, all entrepreneurs would choose that path. With the right inspiration and a few best practices in mind, you will have a plan for operating a successful green enterprise for years to come. The Greater Brownsburg Chamber of Commerce shares some tips below.


    Find Your Ecopreneur Mindset


    It takes a particular mindset to pull off the ecopreneur lifestyle in the long term. You must be able to prioritize your passion for environmental protection and sustainability above most other things. Finding such passion could be a simple matter of receiving the right inspiration.


    Prominent ecopreneurs speak out on their motivations for choosing their respective paths. For some, it's a part of a grand endeavor to change the future for the better. For others, it's a simple acknowledgment that many small actions can make a difference as well. Consider your own goals and motivations to establish a mindset that you can commit yourself to entirely.


    Formulate a Green Marketing Strategy


    Green initiatives are sure to be widespread in your new startup, from reduced energy consumption to going paperless. Marketing is one particularly crucial area for businesses of any size, and you can bet that there are ways to add a touch of green to your marketing strategy. While committing to digital marketing may seem like the obvious solution, there are more traditional methods that are environmentally sustainable too.


    For example, you can use eco-friendly business cards to leave a tangible impression on potential customers. You can easily create business cards with pre-made templates that allow you to add customization options like your own font, colors, and images. Cards made from recycled or biodegradable materials will have minimal impact on the environment and are perfect for your ecopreneurship.


    If you use social media sites like Facebook as part of your marketing, you’ll need methods for driving engagement. One way to do that is to share informative documents with your audience. Once the document is uploaded, you can encourage visitors to download it and share it, which will drive further engagement with your company.


    Secure Funding for Your Sustainable Business


    After drafting a basic business plan and marketing strategy, you will have an idea of your company's funding needs. Your green business may qualify for a specialized environmental grant from the government. There are a number of loan and grant options targeting various niches, so take some time to search for funding that suits your specific circumstances.


    Know the Risks of Ecopreneurship


    Running a fresh startup built on environmentally-conscious beliefs does come with certain risks. You will have to see potential opportunities through a "green" lens, knowing the potential limitations of your unique enterprise. Have a backup plan in the event that you underestimated the costs of running a sustainable business and the venture ultimately fails. While you would expect your initial projections to be positive and accurate, it would be best to prepare for the worst.


    However, don’t set yourself up to fail. Use tips and tools that are both eco-friendly and economical to offset some of the more expensive aspects of a green business. For example, compacting your business’s trash can save on landfill costs and your monthly waste management costs. You can even take your own plastics, cans, and paper to a recycling center to cash out on your landfill-saving efforts. And you can check out how to edit a PDF digitally to see if it is an option you and your company could adopt. It’s simple, waste-free, and you can keep detailed records of drafts in case of complications with no additional physical storage space needed.


    Follow Your Green-spiration


    Any potential entrepreneur would be remiss to not consider the possibility of taking their business idea down a green path. For some, it is an overwhelming or impossible undertaking. However, with the right inspiration, digital tools, and preparation, you might find that it is your calling to oversee an environmentally sustainable company. Your success would be a step in the right direction that others in your industry should be inspired to follow.

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