• News Release: 11/18/2022

    November 15, 2022

    Dear Community Business,
    At Fight Back Fitness, Parkinson’s disease is the challenger. By partnering together with members of our community like you, we can continue to fight this battle. We want to invite you to join the Fight Back Fitness family by partnering with us in 2023 as we continue to empower people with Parkinson’s through fitness, camaraderie, and fun.

    This year Rock Steady Boxing of Brownsburg has evolved and embarked on a bold new vision to expand the programs offered to those fighting Parkinson’s. We continue to offer our keystone program - Rock Steady Boxing, but have added a new and impactful, non-boxing program called Pedaling for Parkinson’s. Due to the expansion, we are now doing business as Fight Back Fitness. Though our vision and name have changed, our mission has not! Fight Back Fitness remains a nonprofit organization dedicated to Empowering People With Parkisons.

    Highlights from 2022 – Pedaling for Parkinson’s, Rock Steady Boxing, and Hope
    First, we have added Pedaling for Parkinson’s in 2022. This new program has been in high demand and has made a significant impact on our fighters. We’ve heard comments such as: “ I haven’t felt this good since I first started taking Parkinson’s medicine.” “ I have more endurance now. I was struggling with doing a plank for 60 seconds, now I can do a 90 second plank.” “ I have more energy, and feel better.” Second, our Rock Steady Boxing program has grown and is stronger than ever. With the increase in boxers, we’ve expanded the number of class offerings and added equipment to meet the diverse needs at varying stages of the progression of the disease. At our recent annual luncheon to honor our boxers, one of our longest standing members shared this: “ When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s the doctor told me I probably had five good years before it got bad, and look at me. I am still here fighting 16 years later. Rock Steady Boxing did that for me and I am so grateful for the program.” Finally, we’ve seen incredible hope, courage, and community continue to grow among our amazing fighters. The group thrives on the companionship, support, and understanding that is provided in the gym, and these fuel a family-like bond that inspires them to keep up the fight.

    But, they cannot continue this fight without partners like you. Your support and funding help provide the programs and tools to keep this family fighting. To impact those affected by Parkinson’s in our community, we ask that you consider a commitment in 2023 to be a Fight Back Fitness sponsor. Please contact our office at 317-939-0166 or brownsburg@rsbaffiliate.com for more information regarding sponsorship options.  You can also visit our website at fightbackfitness.org for more details.  

    Best Regards,

    Diane S. Brown
    Fight Back Fitness Board Member and Fundraising Chairperson

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